Tuesday, March 13, 2012

L25500 Firmware Update

Hewlett Packard Latex L25500 Firmware Update

A New firmware revision now available will provide improved performance and reliability for HP Designjet L25500 users. HP recommends that all users download the firmware and upgrade their printer for best performance, and that this version be used for any remaining installations.
Two key improvements are included in this firmware release: an improvement in the control of the print head cooling process to reduce the print head rejections and a change in the preventative friction algorithm which triggers an alert when users need to perform carriage rail maintenance to keep the machine up and running properly. Additional enhancements include improved driver temperature controls, an improved maintenance cartridge warning system, and the addition of OMAS calibration to the user menu.

The firmware ( is available for download at www.hp.com/go/l25500fw. Once the printer is properly upgraded, it will not be possible to downgrade to previous versions.